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What is The Best Way to Prepare Kava Tea?

Traditionally, south pacific communities took kava as an alcoholic beverage during ceremonies. Individuals were tasked with chewing roots of the herb roots and then spitting into a container. The pulp would then be mixed to make a very potent alcoholic drink.

However, that method is not viable in the modern times because of the many viral and bacterial oral infections making rounds. However, that does mean that you cannot drink it.

In the present and recent times, it is mostly sought after for its ability to release anxiety and stress. There are several ways to make and consume it. This article looks at exactly that.

Strained Kava

Here are the best ways to prepare Kava!

With this process of taking the tea, you will need a large bowl, hot water and a cloth strainer or cheesecloth. Begin by adding two-heaped spoonful of the root powder into the strainer cloth and tie it at the neck. If you want, you can add another beverage of your choice into the cloth to give it a less bitter taste. You can try coconut milk or pineapple juice. Put the powder in the cloth strainer in hot water in the bowl and begin to squeeze the bag while it is still in the water. The water in the bowl should start turning brown almost immediately.

For you to get the most out of the powder and make the tea more potent, keep squeezing the bag until the water turns into dark brown. Once you are convinced all the kava lactones have been dissolved in water, stop the squeezing and let the drink sit for 10 minutes before enjoying it. Ensure to use just normal hot but not boiling water as that would kill the kava lactones and take away the effectiveness of the tea.

Blended Kava

If for instance you wanted to sip a drink in the middle of your busy afternoon, you do not have the time to go through the process of preparing one. In that case, we have gone a step further to make it possible for you to drink the tea without getting your hands dirty. With a readymade blended kava drink, you can kick-start your rather dull afternoons with a boost of energy from the drink. These are made by mixing different flavors and ingredients with the powder to remove the rustic taste of the root. They are ready to drink and you can jump right into it after it is delivered. All you have to do is just go online and order your favorite flavor and within no time, it will be delivered for consumption.

Kava Cocktails

This method involves preparing several ingredients that adhere well to kava tea. Such ingredients could include cocoa and chocolate powders, pieces of citrus fruits, cream, refrigerated berries, slices of pineapple, ice cubes and water. You just take all the ingredients, mix them in a blender, and then turn it on to blend them together. Ensure to turn the blender to the ‘high’ mode to bring the ingredients to a thorough blend. Then pour the drink into a coffee mug or cocktail glass and enjoy.

Simple Kava Drink

With this method, you just have to prepare hot water and put it in your tea mug. You then add the root extract powder in and bring it to an even mix. You can decide to add some ingredients like citrus fruits to make it more flavorful and less bitter. However, for this method, you ought to have ordered the very fine kava powder, without fibers. This kind of kava is usually referred to as micronized since the large fibers have been removed to make it fine and ready for instant drinking. If you want, you can strain the mixture by use of a common kitchen sieve or a cloth strainer. Alternatively, you can simply mix the powder in warm water and just drink it right away, hence the method name, simple kava.

There you have it, the different ways of consuming Kava. Preparing a kava drink, especially the traditional kneading method includes artistic skills that involve getting your hands dirty. This method stands out as the best since kneading incorporates making the drink more potent while still maintaining your desired flavors. It is a great art that you can teach your adolescent kids to encourage them to lead healthier lifestyles. However, for those of us who have no time or do not like getting their hands dirty, other easier and simpler methods are available.

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