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Fallon Saulters has been a trailblazer in the sourcing and production of premium-quality products since 2014. As the owner of Herbal Green Apothecary, she has established a stellar reputation for delivering top-notch Kratom powders and setting the industry standard for customer service excellence, marked by product expertise and transparency.

With a profound commitment to quality control and product integrity, Fallon’s journey began with a personal relationship with farmers and eventually led to the establishment of her own manufacturing facility. This move further strengthened her ability to maintain the highest standards across all aspects of the production process.

Formerly associated with Soap Korner, Fallon has embarked on an exciting evolution, branching out with Herbal Green Apothecary. While maintaining her focus on skincare products, she now offers a diverse range of high-quality natural herbs and supplements from various sources worldwide. Dedicated to safety and advocacy, Herbal Green Apothecary collaborates with the AKA to ensure the well-being of its Indonesian products.

Driven by a passion for holistic healing, Fallon’s pursuit of knowledge has led her to enroll in classes at Everglades University in Florida, where she is actively working towards becoming a Naturopathic Physician. Currently pursuing her BSA in Alternative Medicine, she continually seeks to expand her expertise in the field, aiming to provide comprehensive solutions for well-being.

Fallon Saulters

Fallon Saulters, Owner

With over two decades of experience in the spa industry as a massage therapist and Esthetician, Fallon’s expertise in creating and manufacturing natural organic skincare products is unmatched. As she delves into internal healing practices, her dedication to external care remains unwavering.

With a vision for growth and a dedication to bringing the best herbal supplements, tinctures, and more to her online store and Simple Teas stores, Fallon Saulters is a name synonymous with excellence in the wellness community. Embodying a deep passion for quality, customer service, and the power of nature, she continues to inspire and uplift those seeking a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.